Mary Perryman

Patient Care Coordinator

Introducing Mary Perryman, a friendly and encouraging voice at the Hearing Center of Moultrie, extending a warm welcome to patients seeking assistance with their hearing journey. Possessing a degree in Family and Consumer Science and leveraging eight years of office-management expertise, Mary is dedicated to fostering a caring and comfortable environment within the practice.

Her commitment lies in providing personalized service and individualized care, where patients are more than just numbers. Mary, deeply connected within the community, ensures that each individual is recognized and valued.

Beyond the professional realm, Mary prioritizes quality time with her family. A proud mother of three and a grandmother to thirteen, she keeps busy on the farm alongside her wonderful husband of 50 years. Mary also shares her musical talents by playing the piano for her church.

Dr. Laurie Scarrow acknowledges Mary’s invaluable role: “I came to know Mary through friends and family, and so appreciated the way she earnestly cared for and assisted people. I knew she was the person I wanted for my patients. Mary is a foundational rock for the practice and keeps things organized and moving forward.” In this capacity, Mary contributes to the seamless operation of the practice, ensuring that every patient experiences care, compassion, and progress.