Laurie Scarrow, Au.D.

Owner, Doctor of Audiology

I’ve always wanted a touching story to go along with my decision to become an audiologist. Unfortunately, I honestly can’t even remember what made me pick this field. What I do know is that choosing audiology as my life’s work was almost a relief to me. Put quite simply, audiology is what I was created to do. It is such a delight for me to be able to help people of all ages hear better and expand their audible world.

Not only do I love audiology as a profession, but it is truly also a lifelong dream to be able to return to my sweet and southern hometown of Moultrie, Georgia, and open my own practice. Audiology is simply the perfect career path for me, and south Georgia is the perfect place to help people regain their ability to hear and consequently redeem their quality of life.

I received a bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia (Go, Dawgs!) and earned my doctorate with honors from East Tennessee State University. I am a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology. My husband, Stephen, and I are blessed to live close to our families, and we love being members of Friendship Alliance Church in Moultrie, as well as being actively involved in the community.

It would be my absolute pleasure and honor to assist you in bringing sounds and quality of life back for you!