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gn resound hearing aid lineupA hearing aid that stays hidden behind your hear and leaves you feeling open and unplugged

caption call phone - see what people are saying printed on the screen


With the right technology, your hearing loss can become an advantage.

We have the best cleaning & care products, streaming products & apps, and assistive listening devices.


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Rechargeable Hearing Aids Are Here

Everything you need to know about hearing aid batteries.

Rechargeable hearing aids are more reliable, less of a hassle, and more powerful than conventional batteries. See the difference you’ll be able to hear with our rechargeable hearing aid options.


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resound hearing aid battery charger

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Financing Options

Hearing better than in the good ol’ days is easier than you think.

We understand hearing aids are an investment, and we have options to help you. When all is said and done, your new hearing solution will enhance your quality of life in ways that you may not have experienced in years.


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